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About Us

Hello, and welcome! Vintro Studios is a entertainment company with an emphasis on Video Games. We prioritize Creative, Immersive, and Enjoyable products for everyone to enjoy!

Or that is what we are aspiring to be. Our company is small, has only just started, and the site isn't even complete yet, but that doesn't mean we can't do great things!

Vintro's small nature does mean that what we do make is filled to the brim with passion. With a total of six projects of both works in progress and completed games, each product is infused with love and care. It's like those old tech movies where one guy works alone in his garage as a hobby but ends up creating a multi-billion dollar product.

It all starts small. It all starts here.

Meet The Team!


Gavin Geffros

CEO, programmer, designer, and a man whose a little too self depreciating.

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